Stagefright aka Deliria 1987 720p

Genres: Horror
Actors: David Brandon , Barbara Cupisti , Domenico Fiore , Robert Gligorov , Mickey Knox , Giovanni Lombardo Radice , Clain Parker , Loredana Parrella , Martin Philips ,
James Sampson , Ulrike Schwerk , Mary Sellers , Jo Ann Smith , Piero Vida , Richard Barkeley
Director: Michele Soavi
Runtime: 90
Year: 1987

Plot: A troupe of struggling stage actors is rehearsing for a small-town production of a play. Everything seems to be as it should until one of the cast members turns up
dead. In a panic| the others try to get out| only to find they are now locked in the theater with the killer! Which one of them committed the murder| and who will
get out alive?
Stagefright aka Deliria 1987 720p BluRay H264 AAC RARBG

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